Carrís White Vintage

This wine originates from grapes that have been carefully selected in a manual harvest. After they have been stalked and crushed, the pellicular maceration process continues for 8 hours at 10°C (50°F), maximizing the colour and aroma of the grapes. Then, a 48-hour period of cold sedimentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 7°C (44.6°F). Yeast is specially selected for the alcoholic fermentation and used at a controlled temperature between 12°C - 15°C ((53.6°F – 59°F) for at least 30 days.

The result is a lemon-coloured wine that is bright and sharp, foreshadowing the delightful moment of consumption. With a subtle, yet intense and complex scent, the aged aromas are masked by hints of ripe fruit, fennel and boxwood herbs, that all come together to emphasize the elegance of the blend. On the palate this wine is full and savoury. Its lingering aftertaste brings back memories of the natural aromas that make this wine so fresh and mineral.

Alcohol Content - 11.5% vol.

Total Acidity - 5.01 g/dm3 (tartaric acid)

Volatile Acidity SO2 - 0.34 g/dm3 (acetic acid)

pH - 3.45

Total Dry Extract - 21.6 g/dm3