Carrís Red Vintage

Originating from vineyards planted approximately 25 years ago, the grapes that give this wine its flavour are carefully selected in a manual harvest. After they have been stalked and crushed, the pre-fermentative maceration process continues for 24 hours at 30°C (86°F), maximizing the colour and aroma of the grapes. Yeast is specially selected for the alcoholic fermentation and used at a controlled temperature between 22°C - 24°C (71.6°F – 75.2°F) for at least 10 days.

The result is a wine with aged tones, whose tertiary elegant aromas stand out and add sophistication to the blend. Hints of vanilla, coffee, and a touch of spices come together in a balanced mix with a fruity aftertaste dominated by a bouquet of berries, like currant. Lighter than others, this wine is aromatic, fruity, with a persistent taste and very pleasant finish.

Alcohol Content - 14% vol.

Total Acidity - 4.86 g/dm3 (tartaric acid)

Volatile Acidity SO2 - 0.43 g/dm3 (acetic acid)

pH - 3.73

Total Dry Extract - 30.7 g/dm3