Carrís Red Reserve

Originating from vineyards planted approximately 25 years ago, the grapes that give this wine its flavour are hand-selected from those with the most balanced ripeness. After they have been stalked and crushed, the pre-fermentative maceration process continues for 24 hours at 30°C (86°F), maximizing the colour and aroma of the grapes. Yeast is specially selected for the alcoholic fermentation and used at a controlled temperature between 22°C - 24°C (71.6°F – 75.2°F) for at least 10 days. Such controlled temperature induces the process of malolactic fermentation.

The result is a gentle and elegant wine, one that improves with every day it spends in the bottle, making it smoother and filling it with natural wooden undertones. Hints of roasted spices, smoked hues of ethyl acetate.
To the palate it is an intense tannic, yet fresh, flavour with an even more appetizing appeal than your nose originally sensed and a flavour that lingers beyond your expectations.

Alcohol Content - 15.4% vol.

Total Acidity - 5.25 g/dm3 (tartaric acid)

Volatile Acidity SO2 - 0.54 g/dm3 (acetic acid)

pH - 3.66

Total Dry Extract - 34.1 g/dm3