Carrís Group

With over a decade of experience in the tourism industry, Grupo Carrís’ sense of commitment, loyalty, dedication to service and passion is embodied by several business units. Carrís Hoteles, Monte do Gozo, Carrís Eventos and Fundación Jacobea are all well-recognised prestigious organizations with promising futures within the sector. Now added to that list is Socalcos da Carrís and a commitment to the winemaking industry.

Our accommodations all value customer service highly. Providing a service based on the guests’ experience and paying special attention to detail, our goal is for all of our clients to enjoy the cultural and geographical richness that each of our destinations has to offer.

About us

Grupo Carrís has blended together the care, dedication, and attention to detail that defines the brand and created Socalcos da Carrís. One step further in the quest to providing clients with the complete experience at every destination.

For us, entering the world of wines was a natural step. Because at Socalcos da Carrís we understand that wine is alive and so requires special care from the vineyard until it reaches your glass. The care and attention that form part of our group’s DNA.

With Socalcos da Carrís we have attempted to bottle the best version of ourselves, dedicating our own senses to evoking unique sensations with every sip.